COOLSIS Exam Reader

COOLSIS Exam Reader client application has been developed exclusively for our dedicated teachers to make everyday tasks easier. COOLSIS Exam Reader is designed to be a real lifesaver during final exams.  COOLSIS Exam Reader is packed with several cool features and has a user-friendly interface. COOLSIS Exam Reader processes test forms from scanned-images calculates grades and updates into COOLSIS. This help document will briefly describe some of these features.

Feature Highlights

  • 100% COOLSIS Integration
  • Multiple grading methods
  • Prints prefilled test sheets for each student.
  • Adjustable score weights
  • Auto-evaluation  and data upload
  • Exceptional mark recognition (recognizes bubbles)
  • Automatically recognizes machine printed text
  • Reads image files (GIF, JPG ) created by network multifunction devices and other scanners.
  • Validates data with COOLSIS database
  • Eliminates pre-sorting of page with page orientation identification features
  • Automatic one-click installation and Online Updates
  • COOLSIS URLs ending in only require school name. For use myschool.


Before installing COOLSIS Exam Reader you will need Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5. Please click here to install it. Then, click here to launch COOLSIS Exam Reader Application.

NOTE: COOLSIS Exam Reader can be installed only 64-bit operating system computers.    

Click here  to watch "How to install COOLSIS Exam Reader" video

Click here to watch "How to use COOLSIS Exam Reader" video